Fred Bohm
Fred Bohm

Big Game Gear

This is what I run with in the backcountry. It'll change from time to time as I find & test new gear and refine. Most of this gear has been put through the ringer after years of abuse and misuse.


Sage & Braker

It's my company, so I'm allowed to think it's the best. 

Sage & Braker is a company that makes high-quality gun cleaning products and accessories for hunters and gun enthusiasts. We make it simple and easy to maintain and protect the life of your gun and offer products that help you get the most out of hunting. Here’s a little more info on our Gun Mat and CLP if you want some light reading material.


Pnuma Clothing

This is my go to clothing in the backcountry. As a business owner myself, I base my company around making the best products and backing them no matter what. I found Pnuma to be a kindred spirit. With a lifetime guarantee it's either gonna last or they're replacing it for you. Add in clothing that fits properly, not tight to keep the hipsters happy or rivaling the 90's rapper big jean style, these cloths fit and are made to move in.

Here's what I run in the backcountry:


Kifaru Backpacks

I don't care what model your looking at, they're all good. Made in the USA and built to last through a cataclysm. There is a model and style for every need, so give them a ring and they'll help you pick out the best one for your needs. Better yet, if you're in Denver give their showroom a visit


Garmin InReach Global Satellite Technology

This one is a game changer for me. First the GPS and maps are top notch and necessary for any backcountry hunter. Now add in the ability to be able to text anyone, anywhere in the world and you got a winner. If you're a family man like me, not communicating with the family for a ten day backcountry stint is not an option. With Garmin's InReach, that's no longer a problem.


Black Diamond Z-Poles

Trekking poles are a must for the backcountry hunter. You'll save money in the long run by not having to replace your knees down the road. They help you take weight off your legs, help with pace and save you from falling on your face on suspect terrain. The Black Diamond Z-Poles separate into three pieces to fold up and put in your pack when you don't need them. The benefit of these over telescopic poles is that you can coat them with a rubber paint to dull down the sound they make in the woods. Get yourself a pair, you're knees will thank me.


Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter

Nothing stops a hunter quicker than crapping your pants. Drink some nasty water and you'll be doing just that. At first I loathed using water filters. Your muscles would be torn up quicker than if you'd just completed the 'Murph' in record time. To much pump for not enough dump. Then I tried my buddies Katadyn and I was sold. You can fill your Nalgene in no time flat and still have a little muscle power to pull back your bow.


Vortex Viper 10x42 Binoculars

I’m a fan of lifetime warranty. I’m also a fan of quality to begin with. These guys have both in spades. I dinged up the eye cup once and sent it back. They replaced it and even gave the internals a good cleaning. I will say they are not in the class of Swarovski, but they also aren’t $3,000 that you have to explain to your wife. At around $500 clams, they’ll more than get the job done.


Vortex Razor Spotting Scope

Again, quality and you can run it over with your truck and they’ll still warranty it. I use the 11-33 magnification because it’s light and easy to get into the backcountry. But pick what magnification will work best for your situation.