Fred Bohm
Fred Bohm

Big Game Gear

This is what I run with in the backcountry. It'll change from time to time as I find & test new gear and refine. Most of this gear has been put through the ringer after years of abuse and misuse.


Kifaru Backpacks

I don't care what model your looking at, they're all good. Made in the USA and built to last through a cataclysm. There is a model and style for every need, so give them a ring and they'll help you pick out the best one. Better yet, if you're in Denver give their showroom a visit.  


First Lite Clothing

A rad company that makes some damn fine clothing. The pants are hands down the best cut and quality on the market. I've been a fan of these guys for some time.


Lowa Boots

Boots can be a finicky thing. Brands that others love can be your worst enemy. Everyone's foot is different, so different boots fit different people. I can say out of all the ones I've tried, Lowa has fit the best and are the most rugged for the backcountry. I'm a light guy so a big heavy boot can slow me down considerably. The Lowa Zypher GTXs are perfect for what I need. A light and rugged boot built for speed and dependability when everything else is getting eaten alive by the unpredictable conditions of the backcountry.


Geigerrig Water Filtration System

I hate pumping water. Plain and simple. I'll go without water sometimes just to avoid it. So this year I spent the time and looked through all the water filters out there and Geigerrig really stood out. I gave them a shot and I've by hydrated ever since. Simply fill up the bladder and give the rubber bulb a few pumps to push the water through the inline filter and right to your mouth. Why can't everything be this simple.


Spot Satellite Phone

I used to hate any technology in the backcountry. Then I had a kid and everything changed. The wife is more than tolerant of my solo backcountry hunting adventures, but now likes to know that I'm still alive here and there. Small concession to make when I'm neanderthal-ing it back in no-man's land. Doubles up great to call in those favors for a meat extraction. Game on.